LED dark corner question


Jul 8, 2012
Hello everyone, this may be a silly question but I'm gonna ask it anyway..

I just recently bought a new HP Dm1-4200 laptop, which has an 11.6 LED Brightview display.

I've spotted a *barely* noticeable, slight darkness along the right side of the screen, you really can't even see it unless you, load an all white GIF, put your face an inch away from it and squint, so it may be all in my mind, I'm not sure. After reading a bit about LED displays, I've seen this could be called a "uniformity" issue which could be a slight defect in the manufacturing or something.

While I was cleaning the screen the other day, I saw a small perforation of tape under the plastic that lines the screen, which was jutting out, so I gently pushed it down with a piece of paper. Could this have damaged the ribbon cable that powers the backlight or something?

I don't have a camera right now, and it's probably too small to capture with a camera anyway, but here's a stock picture of the laptop:


the place where i saw the tape was right at the HP logo.

Any ideas?