LED Strip uses Batteries and was wondering if you can use a plug.

Jan 3, 2019
So I got a led strip for behind my desk, it runs off of a battery pack with 3 AA batteries in it. After not to long the light start fading and get duller and duller and I have to replace the batteries. I was wondering if I would be able to hook my LED Strip up to a cable with a plug instead of the battery pack as then I would not have to replace battery and they would stay bright. I have a 4 pin connector for my LED Strip. Would be handy to know if this would work and would also be good if someone was able to link the cable I was looking for as I can't seem to find it. Thanks.


Should be doable - just do not over simplify the requirements.

What, for example, is the native voltage to your electrical outlets?

What voltage and wattage is expected by your LED strip? Your "supply" source must match accordingly.

Reference link (UK based):


For additional guidance:



Plan out the power sourcing and be sure that the required plugs, wires, etc. match up with respect to connectivity, voltage, and wattage.

Overall, unless you are interested in some real "DIY" (with the associated risks) you should go straight to the source of things.

What make & model LED strip are you using? The manufacturer may have the necessary convertor.

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