Question LEDs not working

Apr 21, 2019
I have a Phanteks eclipse p400s case, it came with an led light. There’s a button on it, and when I press it, it changes color. I just keep it on default, red, because I think it looks the nicest and I can see my components more clearly. One day I turn on pc pc and the light is off, so I press the button to change color, and something strange happens. It goes from a dark light green, till it’s lighter and blue. But the color on the power button is different. When it’s on blue the power button matches the case light, but when the power button is pink, the case light is just a darker blue (not dark blue as a color, but it’s less bright). And when the power button is red, there is no light in the case. It’s like the case light ran out of... red light? I don’t know. Is there something wrong with it, and how/can I fix it? I remember turning my pc off and the light was red, so I think something happened while the pc was shut down.

I have something else in my case. My graphics card has a light, and it’s also not working, different problem. I only have two lights and there both not working! Anyway, there’s And app for my graphics card, I have an MSI Rx 580 gaming x 8gb, and I use an app called dragon dashboard (I think that’s what it’s called, off the top of my head), I can change the led colors and turn it off. Everything works fine, it monitors my MHz (same as MSI afterburner), I can make it cool burst, and a couple other things. But when I change the led color, or off, nothing happens, I’m pretty sure one day (a different day from the case slight problem, this was longer ago), the led was white, the default setting, and there was nothing I could do to change it. It looks ugly with my case light, and I like to turn my case and graphics card light off during the night if I have to leave my pc on at night to upload or download something, because I have terrible internet, and it’s in my bedroom, so it doesn’t keep me up. It does, so I can’t leave my pc on. Can you help fix? Everything else works fine with the graphics card, except the light.