Question Left and Right Sound in Headphones is switched on games but not windows, even with wireless headphone


Jul 16, 2017
Hello, I used to have this problem but with wired headphones so I simply switched them backwards so the sound was right. I thought it was faulty cabling. However, I recently bought new wireless Corsair VOID headphones and I built a new pc and I have encountered the same problem. I tried the APO solution but that did not have any effect (I am sure I did it correctly). If there is any other way to switch the left and right sound on windows I am ok with that. I just need the sound to be correct in games. Also, it might just be that I have been playing "backwards" for 5 years so my directional sound is messed up in stereo headphones. I have no idea what the problem is but an adequate fix FOR ME is a simple switch of left and right sound. Thank you so much for your help


Win 10 Master
I could understand it happening if it was the same PC but in 2 different PC?
There is no way to reverse it in windows, its a hardware thing controlled by either the soundcard (if you have one), motherboard or if its wireless... the software for the device. If it was wired it would likely be realtek

now the question with wireless is what software controls it. I see Icue mentioned?

someone else with backwards sound -