Left clicking randomly acting as right click

May 30, 2018
So I've been having this problem for a few months now where left-clicking is acting as right click most of the time or sometimes left-clicking once registers it as me double-clicking, happens on everything, like in Desktop, if I were to click a program, it would pop up the content menu and it also happens in a game I play, where left-clicking is my attack and I'll just be standing there not attacking at all because my mouse doesn't register that I'm left clicking when I am.

I thought it was my old mouse being faulty but after buying a new mouse and just plugged it in now, the problem is still there. My laptop's touchpad though works like it should be.

My mouse settings are untouched, primary setting is left.

My OS is Windows 8.1

Also another addition is that sometimes the left click will work like a left click but after that it'll just act like a right click again after a few clicks.