Question Legion Y530/ I5-8300H ¿overheating during gaming?

Jun 6, 2019
I recently bought a Legion Y530 with the following specs:

Intel Core i5-8300H
Nvidia GTX 1050 2VRAM
WD Black SN750 SSD - 500GB (Bought separately from the laptop)

I read many reviews of this model and knew that it was a hot machine, specially considering that laptops are not made to be the best at managing heat. I bought it and played Team Fortress 2 (2007) and Attila Total War (2015).

For TF2, I set the graphs to almost the highest possible and I checked that the CPU was over heating and getting to 90°C for an old game. After that I undervolted -0.70 and manage to get it below 90, sometimes 1 or 2 cores hit 85 or 87 but they mostly stay around 80°C.

With the undervolting I tried Attila TW and I managed to get 90°C again during the battles (around 30 minutes of gaming). I had the graphics set to quality.

I'm not sure if my laptop should be heating so much playing an 2007 title and get to 90°C on Attila. Does my laptop have any issues or maybe it needs some tweaks to make it run better? Is that temperature too high and may threaten the life span of the machine? As I mentioned, it was undervolted -0.70 and I use a laptop cooler to give the fans a better space.

Thanks for any advice!


Depends on your settings. If you are letting it generate as many frames as possible that is a heavy burden on any CPU. If you run V-sync and limit the FPS output to 60FPS it may keep things cooler.

Undervolting is certainly a good option if you can get away with it. You should make the attempt on the GPU as well. Replacing the thermal compound/pads for higher quality stuff. You are already using a cooling pad, not much left. Some laptops just aren't designed for long duration use.