Question Lennovo 7033A1U desktop -- video locks up sporadically when resting

Jul 6, 2020
I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre 7033A1U desktop running Windows 10 Pro version 10.0.18362. CPU i7-2600 cpu @3.4gHz, 8 gb RAM.

I don't power down the desktop but occasionally I come back and the pc is still on (I can see the power lights on) but the monitor is black and reads no video signal detected.

I tried to shutoff the video power save feature in Win10 but when it goes black, I can't get anything to work on it. Moving mouse, hitting any keys, nothing wakes it from the video "sleep" mode. I can hear the PC running but I can't get anything to the monitor.

The only way out that I have found is to kill the power to the desktop and then powering it on again, then it reboots and is fine for a while.

Not sure what causes this, I haven't noticed anything special that triggers this "sleep" mode for the pc's video.

is this a problem with the old Lenovo pcs?

Appreciate any help!