News Lenovo’s New 16-Inch Legion Laptops Add AI Chip to Tune Gaming Performance

I've liked the Legion series design since the initial generation. They look* refined at the price point a grown up will pay, so none of that "I wanna look like a transformer" stuff going on, fortunately. Sober designs are so under appreciated nowadays.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to these machines reviews. Between Asus and Lenovo, looks like AMD will have very good notebooks this gen.

Side note: I noticed all AMD laptops with USB-C have been upgraded to support DP1.4 via the cable with revision 2, so that's great.

If you follow gamers nexus, you'd know that most OEM tower computers from big names and even smaller name manufacturers have terrible airflow and their CPU's will actually throttle with bone stock settings. This Legion Tower looks like they actually care about cooling. If it didn't build my own, I'd look at one of these over other brands.