Question Lenovo 330s-15arr vs dell Inspiron i5575 ryzen tops.


Jun 25, 2012
I was thinking about grabbing ither the ryzen 5 2500 version of the Inspiron 5000 series laptop or the Lenovo 330s series.
Both have the same chip and are almost the same in every way. They both would run me about 450 cad. But they both have pros and cons.
The Inspiron and Lenovo have some good upgradability with an nvme m.2 slot and regular sata slot but the Inspiron can be maxxed out to 32 GB of ddr4. I think it also has a backlit keyboard. They both have 1080p screens and shitty battery life but the screen on the screen on the Lenovo seems to be of better quality on some reviews. It's also an ips. Not a tn panel like on the dell. The Lenovo also has a bit of a sleeker design and proper usb 3.1. the dell seems to also have some reported graphical issues where the screen will go purple in some cases and I hear of some stuttering issues. The dell also reports only 256 megs of deticated VRAM that isn't configurable but it should be fine because it all runs off system memory and shouldn't slow down if you go over. The Lenovo also comes with 8gb of ram from the factory while the dell comes with 4. So I'd have to upgrade it befre I do anything with it. My only real gripe with the Lenovo is that it has 4gb of soldered memory and is only upgradable to 12 gigs compared to the Dell's 32 max. Not sure if this would be an issue in the future because I do run alot of software at once. Like many tabs, music creation software, light editing. I wonder if this will last 5 years in the future with only 12gb. I've also had some issues in the vast with Lenovo products. Batteries, supportsome consumer end products,etc.

I think I'm leaning towards the Lenovo but I'm not too sure if I'm being to dramatic over the memory limitations and my prev incounters with some Lenovo products. I think the issues with the dell may be a bit too much to warrent grabbing it but I'd like to see your opinions on them!


Can you parse links to both laptops, just to get a better idea of the specs to the laptops...? Do you need to max out the ram? I see a lot of people living through their laptop's life with 8GB's of ram with today's platforms unless you're going to be doing rendering tasks on said laptops.

That being said, both are not that high in terms of material/build quality. So they are both going to suffer from daily wear and tear.