News Lenovo Brings Flex 5G, the First 5G Laptop, to Verizon on June 18

Jun 16, 2020
A gaming laptop with 5g and wifi 6 cat 7 ethernet combined chipset would be nice and unlimited uncapped 5g/hotspot with unlimited uncapped high-speed data plans is a must too until Laser fi comes online for killing the need for a power cord and data cables for internet and data transfers as VPN are baked into the hardware itself for 4k tv watching on such laptops and smartphones to the big screen as Tesla and Comcast are going to use laser fi soon like most hardware and software and tv cable providers as ISPs as well being competitors to Starlink and directTV for 4k cable tv packages and cloud gaming as 1000Tb speed internet is now possible by the end of this decade if not sooner for powering ai homes and cars and jets and ships not just your smartphones laptops/desktops gaming/professional and phones.