Question Lenovo Chromebook 5i worth the price? What chromebook would you recommend based on my usage?


Aug 26, 2015
Getting a decent Windows laptop is expensive for my needs and usage, I owned a dedicated PC where I can game heavily and do everything basically at home, so I am thinking the Chromebook is the one I am looking for, hopefully you guys can help me decide which Chromebook is best suited for me, thanks!

I decided to order (not yet shipped at this moment) a Lenovo Chromebook 5i, 8gb ram, i3-1115G4 priced at 569.99 CAD on their website directly
There is a cheaper version with 4gb ram and uses a Pentium gold 7505 processor priced at 389.99 CAD but I am not sure if 4gb ram is enough for me

I want to know if there are better Chromebook or Windows laptops out there priced similar to the one I just ordered in Canada or is this Chromebook a good value? This version is 2021 and the support ends on 2029 so hopefully it is?

List of what I am looking for in a Chromebook and what I am planning on using it for:
  1. I prefer 1080p resolution as I am used to viewing in this resolution
  2. Wifi 6 is preferred as I am planning on using a lot of cloud services
  3. Thin and light-weight for easy on the go travels
  4. I like to multitask with a lot of tabs open as well as running apps at the same time so 8gb ram is also preferred, if you think 4gb is more than enough, let me know
  5. Instant boot up for instant usage for short usage at a time (probably why I want to give Chrome OS a try instead of Windows)
  6. Stream high-quality videos and general web browsing
  7. I don't need a lot of storage, I have access to external ones and cloud services
Do you think I should settle with a Chromebook or stick with Windows? Do you think I am paying too much for a Chromebook? From what I understand, the more you pay for Chromebook, the less value you are getting.

EDIT: It has shipped and I decided the Chromebook 5i, i3, 8GB ram is the one I will be using which I am excited for. After seeing the expensive prices of Google Pixelbook Go, I feel the one I am getting is a pretty amazing deal. If Pixelbook wasn't so overpriced, I would have bought that straight up immediately due to its looks and super lightweight.
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