[SOLVED] Lenovo Desktop is connected to internet, yet says no connection?


May 27, 2017
Hello All, My problem is one of annoyance rather than a true issue, but I wanted to see if any of you have a solution. So I have a Lenovo Thinkstation E30 from 2011, Windows 7 Pro, I5 2400, 6gb ram, etc. My on-board ethernet has a problem where it connects just fine using a cable, yet no matter what I do, it always says that there is no connection, or that the network is identifying for eternity. I have no problems with connection, but it wont bring up or identify the network it is connected to. When I go into properties for the "network" It says IP4 and 6 are not connected, yet they are installed and enabled in the configuration menu. No firewall issues, I dont run any anti-virus, etc. I've disabled, re-enabled, reinstalled, updated the driver for the ethernet adapter, but to no avail. All other device and system drivers are up to date. I even bought a 1 gigabit NIC to see if it also had the same problem, properly installed the drivers, and boom. No connection, yet I can go online and everything. Any ideas?