Question Lenovo E30 Workstation - No Video Output ?

Nov 21, 2022
The system crashed when I was playing a game and since then getting a video output seems impossible.

I have tried most of the common troubleshooting suggestions and still cannot get a video output or access BIOS screen. Reseated memory, GPU and other components, CMOS battery reset, etc. All lights and power work fine. No strange beeps or anything to indicate a problem.

It's an older machine with a Xeon processor so it may not be worth fixing. It's also worth noting that it doesn't have onboard graphics so I can't bypass the GPU for video output.

I have also tried replacing the GPU with a similar replacement I purchased, trying out different monitors, trying to get an output using all available video out connections of VGA/DVI/HDMI connections.

I really thought it was simply a dead GPU but the replacement did the same thing. At this point I am thinking it is probably a motherboard or CPU fault.

Due to the machine being over 10 years old I think I may just scrap it for usable parts as it has a 1TB HDD and 8GB RAM.

Any ideas?