Question Lenovo E540 (Windows 10): Can't restart /shut down normally after changing the SATA controller Mode from Compatibility to AHCI

Apr 13, 2019

I would be most grateful if someone can help me solve the issue below.

Environment: Lenovo E540 (UEFI BIOS: 2.28 (2018-06-20), Windows 10)

I have replaced the DVD drive with Sata III SSD installed on Windows 10. The other HDD remains for use as a data HDD. When SATA controller Mode is “Compatibility”, I can restart / shut down the laptop normally. The power light on laptop goes off after I shut down Windows 10. After I change the SATA controller Mode to “AHCI” (i.e. by entering Windows into safe mode, restart, change to AHCI in bios, restart), the device manager showed that the hard disk controllers for SSD and HDD have been changed to ACHI correctly. I can get into Windows 10.

However, when I restart Windows 10, the Windows screen disappears as expected but the system does not restart. The power light is still on. After I press the power button, the laptop is off and I have to press the button in order to start the laptop successfully.

Also, when I shut down Windows 10, the power light is still on. I need to press the power button in order to power off the laptop.

After I revert the SATA controller mode in BIOS to ‘Compatibility’, I can successfully restart / shut down the laptop normally (without the need of pressing the power button). What should I do in order to use AHCI mode in BIOS?

Please help. Thanks a lot.