Oct 7, 2018

After liquid damage to my laptop about a month ago I decided to try booting it up this morning. With a dead battery, I plugged it in and waited. It worked!

I got into the Lenovo Vantage app and let it install all the updates I had missed, which it stated would restart the machine. I left for work and came home 8 hours later to find that it was powered off, and once again attempting to power on results in the power button flashing three times before powering up and displaying a black screen accompanied by a beep code.

This is the same beep code I used the Lenovo diagnostics app to interpret after the incident a month ago, 0282, which states "Memory module error," with the solutions being to "1. Reinstall or replace the memory module" and "2. Replace the system board (service provider only)"

So it's very frustrating that it seems to occasionally work, and other times states it needs a new motherboard. Before I spend an inordinate amount of money sending it out or replacing the machine, does anyone have any suggestions? It would be much appreciated.

Thanks all,


Sep 15, 2020
There are multiple reasons why this would happen. So it is not something that someone without access to your laptop could tell you. If you aren't comfortable looking inside your laptop, there is probably nothing someone on the internet could give you as solid advice. Water(or whatever liquid it was) can damage pretty much any part of a laptop. Sometimes the damage is visible, and other times it is not. Water can make stuff short out, and it can also cause corrosion. If anything with power delivery was damaged, it could cause unstable power delivery(aka sometimes working and other times not, also random shutdowns, and other problems.)

Most likely though, if you tried booting a device right after liquid was in it, and got errors, you damaged it a month ago, and waiting a month will not fix it.

You could always look at the components on the inside to see if you found any damage, and dedide if it would be worth it to try to get said part replaced.
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