Question Lenovo Ideapad 5 Won't Display on Second Monitor (Old TV)

Nov 13, 2021
Just bought a Lenovo Ideapad 5 Model 15ALC05, also bought a new TV. I wanted to use my old tv (2005ish LG 42LC7D) as a second monitor for the extend function. I have confirmed the cable is working, input is correct and hdmi ports are function. I was able to use my old laptop to connect to the tv through the same HDMI cable so the cable and TV port are working. Confirmed my new laptop hdmi is functioning properly by connecting to my new tv. In advanced display setting it says LG TV is connected and I'm able to lose/move my cursor off screen and move applications to the other monitor but I have "no signal"... so it's half connected. I tried rolling back windows 11 to 10 and rolling back drivers for display as well as updating all the drivers, all windows updates are done as well. In display setting it says it's connected to AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics. My brother and I bought the same exact computers and he is unable to connect to his old Samsung LCD tv (2004ish) as well, with both a composite/hdmi cable and through regular HDMI. One strange thing I saw was when I select "extend" it reads the extra monitor is at 60hz, when in "duplicate" it reads 29.97hz but neither change the "no signal" issue. I have also powered on and off the tv, laptop and connected and disconnected the hdmi at various points of one or the other device powered on or off. I can see the display "shrink" like it's connecting but it won't show up... maddening.

Any help would be appreciated.