Question Lenovo IdeaPad has started halting/freezing randomly ?


Mar 21, 2019
I can't tell exactly when it started happening, but I think it's been almost a couple of weeks since my computer started halting randomly. It happens for a few seconds, then the system recovers. I can tell when it's happening because the cursor just stops blinking, some audio that's playing in the background suddenly stops, etc. It does recover after a few seconds, but this disturbs everything. Plus, sometimes, it happens too soon one after the other.

Decreasing the number of running apps does not help. I’ve tried letting the computer run with only the audio player and the audio still stops randomly. The system also stops even without the audio player.

Looking this up online has not resulted in anything that solved the problem. Other than a clean reinstall of Windows 10, which I cannot do at present, I have tried all the suggestions here: There was also another tip in a separate website about turning off f.lux and I’ve tried it too, but it didn’t help. It still freezes.

Here are some info that might be helpful:

Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15IKB
Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U CPU
OS: Windows 10
OS Version: 1909
OS Build: 18363.1198
Memory: 8.0 GB
GPU 0: Intel UHD Graphics 620
GPU 1: AMD Radeon 530