Question Lenovo laptop touchpad driver's reverse scrolling

Sep 6, 2019
My Lenovo laptop came with a touchpad that uses natural (or Australian) scrolling.
I couldn't find any settings for the driver that would allow me to reverse the scrolling but I found a way to install Microsoft's Precision Touchpad Driver with this article.
This enabled a lot of touchpad settings on the Settings app and I was able to change the scrolling direction.
I installed a new Windows update a while ago which, unfortunately, installed the old touchpad driver I had.
I tried to install Microsoft's Precision Touchpad driver again, but it didn't work and displayed a code 10.
After reverting back to the older version of Windows, the touchpad worked.

I ended up installing another Windows update and, this time, I can't revert back to the older version.
Installing the Precision Driver displays a code 10 again.
I also tried using this reddit post which also proved to be unsuccessful.

My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 330.
The driver I currently have installed is the Synaptic driver here.

I need a way to change the scrolling direction. Please Help!
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