Lenovo Legion 5-Cant decide between 240hz i510300h vs 144hz ryzen 5 4600h

Which one you would pick? Lenovo Legion 5

  • Ryzen 144hz 300nits

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Intel 240hz 500nits

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Oct 25, 2020


I had to look nits up because I seldom hear the term...

So, what I gathered from a couple of guides was:
Nits shouldn't be the deciding factor for you here. Both 300 and 500 are good, but do you like to use your device outside a lot? Then the 500 may actually be useful.
If you're mostly using your device indoors, you're not gonna miss it.

Not an FPS player either? Well, that makes the Intel one a little less attractive, because those and racing games benefit the most from ultra high refresh. Other genres, not as much, or not at all.

Then that leaves the difference between the Ryzen 4600H in the laptop in the first link V the i5-10300H in the other.
4600H being the better productivity cpu overall. Games, the i5-10300H should still have an edge.

1)Lighting: depends on where you will use the laptop most of the time. Award a point to the one that best fits your use case.
2)Refresh rate does not appear to be a high priority for you, nor are you a hardcore FPS gamer... so I think this one's a tie.
3)Depends on your priorities. Award a point to the one you care about more.

The one that gets the most points is your winner.
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