Question Lenovo Legion Y520 won’t boot with ssd pluged-in

Feb 22, 2020
Hey, guys!
I have a Lenovo Legion Y520 which came with a HDD of 1TB. So I finally(tool me some years) decided to upgrade to a ssd. I chose an adata sx7000 which is M.2 PCIE.
First time I plug it in, the bios sees it so I boot from my Windows 10 USB. On instalation, I format the HDD and I install Win10 on SSD. Everything looked great by now, but when the installation finished the laptop started a reboot and I it showed me it was loading for a lot of time.
So I shut it down, enter BIOS and I reset the Bios to the original settings hoping it wil solve the problem. It didn’t. After lots of troubleshoot I know this:
  1. The laptop won’t boot with only the ssd plugged in or with the ssd and hdd both plugged in. It does only when the hdd is plugged in.
  2. the laptop boots with hdd and ssd on legacy mode instead of uefi, but the ssd is not recognized.
I am out of ideas and mental energy, gentlemen.