Question Lenovo Legion Y740 - Lagging/slow mode problem

Feb 14, 2020
Hello. I have a really weird problem and I am hopeless.
Laptop: Lenovo Legion Y740 – 17inch, rtx 2060, i-7-8750H, (G-sync, 144hz, HDR)
Speccy -
I have had this laptop for over 4 months now. I started noticing this problem like two months ago and to this day I am not sure, how could I fix it.
It seems that every game (instead of League of legend) is affected. The best way how to describe this problem: First few minutes – everything goes smoothly, but after that – enormous lags/rollbacks/slow mode start to occur periodically every 2 seconds.
I have tried: Clean Windows reinstall, updating (even trying older) drivers, tips from this (and more) post ( (I thought that turning off the NTBK, and changing the mode once again to performance worked, but I am not so sure… It seems that sometimes this solution works, but not always.) turning all extra modes off in Lenovo vantage (Battery saver, Hybrid mode…) BUT NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. As you can see in the video, lowering/maxing the graphics really doesn't change anything. I would be grateful if someone would give me ANY tip.

Videos from various games:
Hunt: Showdown – lowest settings:

Hunt: Showdown – highest settings:

Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order – lowest settings:

Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order – highest settings:

Temperatures during Hunt sw – lowest settings

PS: I am really bad at troubleshooting, etc… So I would be more than pleased to post any additional information.
PS 2: I am sorry for the quality of this post. Its 3 AM rn and I would like to solve this problém AFASP. I am ready for a reinstall tomorrow but would like to try every possible option. Thanks for understanding 😊
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