Lenovo T440s: Problem with waking up from Sleep mode

Dec 30, 2018
I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s.
Recently, whenever I put it in sleep mode I have problems "waking it up". Usually the power indicator goes on, stays on for about a minute, then shuts off. However, if I give it enough time (10-20 hours usually) it wakes up just fine and is fully functional (I should note, it actually "wakes up", doesn't just boot: i.e. all the programs stayed open etc). I assume this means that most crucial components are fine, but it's very frustrating since essentially my laptop has become a desktop. I should state that I have recently moved from the UK to the US, so voltage issues might have had an influence.

I suppose it may be one of five issues:
1. The charging unit: when I just arrived, I used the same charging unit I had in the UK and only changed the AC cable. I have since ordered a new charging unit from the US, but the problem still occurs.
2. The external battery: I bought a more robust battery a few years ago, and I assumed maybe it has malfunctioned and is causing a surge. I tried switching it for the old battery but the problem persists.
3. The internal battery
4. An internal charging unit (if such a thing exists)
5. Motherboard

I would love to get advice on how I might be able to narrow down the options as to which component is causing all these problems :)

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