Question Lenovo T560 repair


Jan 2, 2010
I’m trying to fix a laptop that apparently had water spilled on the keyboard a few months ago and the keyboard hasn’t worked since. The track pad works but isn’t as well as it should be. The laptop works fine with external keyboard and mouse.
I opened everything up and don’t see any evidence of a spill, including underneath the protective film. I removed the keyboard and cleaned it with IPA as well. All ribbon cables look to be perfectly fine. The only communication to the keyboard I can see is that the Fn key is permanently lit up.
The laptop also continuously beeps which I assume to be what happens when the computer receives too many inputs from the keyboard.
Is there anything else I should look at? I was debating putting a new keyboard in but if it sounds like it’s likely a motherboard issue then I won’t bother.


I'd suggest to take the whole thing apart and inspect each and every piece of PCB it has in it. Most likely you can locate the water damage spot. If that damage is on add-on card, you could only replace that. But if damage is on MoBo, you can decide what to do next.