Question Lenovo Thinkcentre m58p 7630 updating the bios via USB

Jan 11, 2021
Hello everyone,

I am very new to programming PC's I have only started learning a week ago.

Now I have picked up some older PC's to learn with.

- HP 6200 SFF PC Core i3 (I have figured out how to program & update the BIOS & its now running windows 10 with an SSD)

- Lenovo Thinkcentre M58p 7630 SFF PC Core 2 duo

- Lenovo Thinkcentre M58e 7506 SFF PC Core 2 duo

The lenovo I am working with now is the M58P 7630.

I want to update the bios to 5CKT77A (currently it has 5CK69AUS)

I do not have a working HDD or windows with this PC it came without a HDD. ( I have an SSD I will install windows on)

So I have to update the BIOS via USB.

How do I achieve this ?

I made a USB in FAT32,

downloaded the DOS FLASH BIOS Utility file,

I extracted the folder using windows 10 on another PC (the file was a zip file?)

I copied the files in the folder to the FAT32 USB

Changed BIOS setting to boot from USB

But nothing is happening, it just says there is no operating system found/ press f1 to repeat boot sequence.

What am I missing here ?

Thank you in advance
There is the link for the file I have ^^
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