Question lenovo vantage broke my ideapad laptop again


Jul 3, 2016
a few months ago the vantage program did an update and turned my microphone on , i found out by accident , the f4 button to turn mike on/off stopped working so i had to go into windows sound settings and turn it off myself , a few days later i noticed that fn+q that control power/performance had stopped working. Next i noticed if i leave the mouse pointer over something that needed to be clicked to opened it would open by itself so i am constantly having to be careful where i rest the mouse pointer , btw the box that makes this happen is unticked.

As i did not have much on the laptop i did a clean install , when i downloaded my kaspersky anti virus it claimed one of my licences because during clean install the laptop " device name " changed so as far as my kaspersky account was concerned i was not re-installing a licence i was downloading to what it thought was a new machine.

All ran well up to the point where the lenovo vantage program kicked in so i am now back to square 1.

If i repeat all the above i will loose yet another kaspersky licence.

The only thing i really use this laptop for is to save photos to it from my canon camera but i bet others who use theirs a lot more than me are suffering all sorts of problems.