Question Lenovo X250 Bitlocker Issue

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Sep 8, 2020
Hope everyone is well.

I worked for a large corporate in 2016 and was given a Lenovo x250 as my laptop, along with an iPad and iphone.

When I left, I negotiated that I could keep the laptop, ipad and phone.

I put the laptop in a draw as I had no use for it and carried on using the iPad and iphone.

My middle son now needs a laptop, I thought I would fire up my old work one for him to use, unfortunately it is locked down with Bitlocker and the Bios seems to be locked also.

I approached my old employer but unfortunately they have refreshed this batch of laptops and are now using Dell rather than IBM, they told me they couldn't help me, or rather wouldn't help me!

When I turn the laptop on, it asks me for my user key, I still have that so can attempt to log on, however, it now comes up with a media test failure then goes onto the 'enter the pin for this drive' screen, I have the pin so I enter it, it then tells me windows (8 I think) is loading before reporting under 'windows boot manager' that 'windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer' status 0xc00000e9, it goes on to say it could be caused by a faulty hdd or removing a usb drive while its in use.

I have proof that the laptop is mine and was given to me as part of my severance award so this is not a stolen laptop that some chancer is trying to gain access to.

My question is, if I replace the HDD with a SATA SSD drive, will this mean I can bypass the bitlocker software, if so, I am assuming I will then come up against the locked bios which will not allow me to install windows from a USB drive?

Is there anything at all I can do to enable me to get this laptop working for my son or did I negotiate a lovely IBM chopping board as part of my severance?

Here's hoping!

Thanks in advance
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