Question Lenovo Y510p laptop help


Jun 19, 2017
Ola guys, I am back after quite some time !! I need some help

How to get show up bios / windows installation screen on external monitor on boot?

I have an old creaky Lenovo Y510p Laptop. The screen doesn't work anymore.
So I wanted to use my external monitors to work with this laptop.
While I am logged into windows using the laptop , the external monitor works just fine ( over HDMI) .
But if I wish to do a clean format / reinstall of windows or get to the BIOS, I can't get the video output to show up on the external monitor while I am inside BIOS ( I know I am in BIOS because I hit F2 during boot .. ) or the windows install screens.
Things which I have tried :

I have opened up the lcd panel holder and disconnected the ribbon of the lcd panel , still the bios doesn't show up on the external monitor on boot.

I have tried using the fn+f3 key on boot and pressing f2 key to get to bios. doesn't work. How do I get the laptop to recognize the external monitor on boot and get to bios ? Any help and guidance will be appreciated