Mar 30, 2023
Dear everyone,

My problem is that last night I fall asleep while watching some movie(online), my laptop battery drained. Today morning I woke up and suddenly my laptop can't boot the windows.
I can hear a little beeping, probably the motherboard because of the failure.
The system can't find/load the SSD or the HDD.
I checked the bios and the boot options and the devices are not there,but I can see my HDD name and "no preload operation system" text on the bios main screen.
I have no available windows installer on my pendrives right now.
I completely took it apart the laptop (did it multiple times for cleaning and stuff before), checked every cable and connector and reattached everything.

Is it possible that both of my drives just randomly died? The system worked Perfectly for months without any sign of failure or error.

Thank you for any answer or advice,it's really important for me.



Moving a drive from one computer/laptop to another can be problematic: may work, may work with problems, or may not work at all.

Is the data backed up?

If anything I would put the SSD in an external USB enclosure and then connect the enclosure via USB to some other known working computer.

Versus installing the SSD as a boot device.