Question Lenovo y530 Drivers Problem


Aug 14, 2015
So my friend bought this Laptop and he told me about a problem with his Graphic drivers not updating ,And when he tried to update them it shows incompatibility error.
So here's what i tried so far :
  • I tried to install them automatically through their dedicated software (Geforce Experience & Intel Auto detection for integrated graphics) and it ended with the error above.
  • Then i went and downloaded those drivers manually through their websites and still it won't pass the compatibility phase.
  • Then i reinstalled windows and tried both methods but with no use .
BUT when i re downloaded the official drivers from Lenovo websites 398.37 Nvidia & Intel (At time of this post) it went smoothly with no errors .
So here's my question.. Does this mean Lenovo is preventing any attempts to Download Drivers other than its Official website ? Because what they list in there is quite outdated (VGA Wise).
And is this a known issue? or is it just my bad luck.

  • Lenovo Y530 8th Gen i7.
  • Gtx 1050ti.
  • Windows 10 home 1809 .


No, it means the Nvidia drivers are not custom tailored for the very specific implementation in that laptop. In MOST cases, only the OEM (HP, Lenovo, etc.) drivers will work with laptop integrated graphics, especially on newer systems. Until recently, you couldn't use any of the AMD driver packages for laptops with Ryzen CPUs that had integrated graphics. Finally AMD added support for those models in the All in One driver package, but before that it was much like you are experiencing with Nvidia.

I suspect strongly that only the drivers from Lenovo will work, because there is something about the implementation of the GPU architecture that requires it and is not present in the Nvidia package. I can't say that for 100% certain, but your results from attempting to do so certainly seem to suggest that is the case.