Question Lenovo Y545 - Severe Frame Drops companied with severe drops in Vram clocks

Sep 25, 2020
Hey , I had have this issue for about two weeks by now , I have a legion Y545 (I7-9750H , RTX 2060 , 512NVMe , 1TB hdd , 16Gb 2666Mhz) , and what is happening is I'm having severe frame drops in every game I play , like the frames drops from like 200 to like 40 or 50 accompanied with stuttering when the drop occurs , I monitored my system with Msi Afterburner and what I noticed is right when the drop occurs the Vram clock speeds drops from 7001Mhz to 800Mhz and sometimes stays like that for a while and then repeat itself over and over again every 3 to 8 seconds , the temps for the cpu is always above 90 and the gpu 83 at max (this is nothing unusual i've had this laptop for over 8 months by now and the temps always been like that without any drops or whatsoever) , what I tried so far is checking every power management thing on my laptop (checked Lenovo Vintage software and made sure it is on Performance mode and checked windows power management plans and also made sure it is on 100% and on high performance , and checked Nvidia control panel and made sure the power is on "prefer maximum performance") and also I tried uninstalling the gpu drivers with DDU and installed a fresh clean drivers from back before 2 months (at that time this issue never existed) also I tried resetting my pc and chose the keep files option and nothing changed the drops still occur , also I tried undervolting my cpu (just in case that the cpu might be affecting the gpu temperatures but the undervolt did nothing to the cpu temps they are still above 90C) I also tried the balanced and quite thermal modes in Lenovo Vintage Software and nothing changed . Any help would be much appreciated because this issue is really driving me insane I can't play any game normally without the drops accompained with the stuttering happening.