Question Lenovo Y700 laptop freezes, then black screen on startup with unresponsive keyboard. (Also powers on if I power it off by long pressing the power butt

Jan 1, 2020
I have a Lenovo Y700(i7-6700HQ, GTX 960M variant) laptop since mid 2016, so it's a 3,5 years old device. A few weeks ago it just completely froze with the screen on and unresponsive
to keyboard/mouse/touchpad input. After the incident I turned it off by long pressing the power button, then I restarted the laptop. A black screen was welcoming me, not even the Lenovo logo appeared. The keyboard was unresponsive, I tested this with trying to turn on or off NUM/CAPS lock, they have a light that displays if they are on. The strange thing was that I could use the FN key combination to turn on/off the red backlight of the keyboard. After I gave up on waiting for it to boot I turned it off again with long pressing the power button. But after being shut down for a few seconds the laptop restarted, going back to the black screen + unresponsive input state. So I couldn't power it off. I decided to leave it rest for a few hours and the return. After a few hours it was working fine.
This happened like 5-6 times since the first incident. After the last time I cleaned the laptop inside with compressed air, checked if everything is connected well, but nothing was wrong.
Also checked the thermals of the laptop with benchmarking tools and it's not going too hot.
When the freeze happens I'm browsing the internet or watching movies.
Something unusual I noticed is that even though I leave the laptop with the black screen state it is kind of hot at the middle part of the keyboard.
Can anybody help? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


Nov 18, 2019
If you have indeed got all the dust blankets that build up on fins where the fans blow out the hot air from the computer. Look really good with a BRIGHT flash light. If you have dissembled laptop to clean well than it should be.

It's not the most pretty solution to help air move but not ugly as well.

Giving bottom of laptop breathing room does wonders.