Question Lenovo Y700 Motherboard seems to be dead, worth replacing?

Jul 12, 2019
I have been encountering some issues with my Lenovo Y700 laptop and I am thinking of replacing the Motherboard but I am not sure it is worth it. These are the laptop details

I bought it in August 2017 and the list of problems since then goes as follows:
  • Graphic card failed in September 2018 (Geforce 960M)
  • Laptop got wet in March 2018:
    • Battery fried, replaced it with ebay part after checking compatibility was okay, laptop functional again after
    • Had to clean some contacts close to the charger port that looked like they oxidized a bit
    • New battery had some issues initially where it would not charge or not show charging/usage correctly on the task bar icon
    • Directly after drying, laptop did work with just charging cable connected and battery disconnected
  • Yesterday evening laptop suddenly just went out:
    • No response after disconnecting battery
    • Nothing after keeping the power button pressed for a while and all that other voodoo
    • No boot screen, nothing
    • Could see actual sparks on motherboard close to the graphics card. The area where the sparks occurred has clear black burn marks in this picture: View:
For reference also an image of the full motherboard as exposed after removing cover and heat sink: View:

My questions are:
  1. Could the latest issue still be connected to the laptop getting wet/replacing the battery?
  2. Do you think it is worth it to try and repair the laptop by buying a replacement motherboard? (they are ~$200 on ebay and I could even get one with a better CPU).
  3. Should I just get a new desktop PC/Laptop?
All help with this is much appreciated! Thank you :)