Question Lenovo Y740 GPU temp limited to 77-78°C, can't increase it ?

Dec 20, 2020
Hi. Can anyone tell me what's causing my laptop's gpu temp limit to be locked at 77°C?
Laptop : Lenovo Y740 RTX 2060 6GB, I7 9750H

It used to be that the gpu's temp could surpass 80°C and use the full TDP of 90w so it was power throttled, normal intense usage (gaming) was around 82-85°C at an environment with around 28°C temperature (tropic place). Sometimes I use cooling pad for the laptop and it did lower the temps by 3-4°C.

Now it is thermal throttling beginning at 76 or 77°C. I cant recall whatever it is that might have changed the limit (windows, bios, gpu driver updates, etc) but I tried backflashing my bios (back to the one when I bought it), downgrading nvidia driver, trying to up the limit with asus gpu tweak ii and all of those didnt work. I found out about this recently as I started gaming again.

It's pretty frustrating as the performance drop is pretty significant. Now the power it uses is around 60-65 watt (compared with the past 80-90w average), unigine heaven benchmark's fps dropped 15-17 fps, and frequently makes heavy games stutter frequently.
If someone could shed a light of what caused it, or what to do to remove it, I'd be very grateful! As of now I use the latest driver with original bios that came when I bought the laptop