Question Lenovo Yoga 330-11IGM: Stuck at boot menu, PLZ HELP!!!

Nov 3, 2020
What happened:​
Hello, when I deleted ~977 mb partition and restarted my laptop, it's now showing boot menu and I cant get out of it when I try to select a boot device it just opens again boot menu. I wanted to install to downgrade windows 10 to windows 7, but I couldnt install windows 7 because after restaring it froze at ''starting windows''. I tried to install Windows vista, but it didnt want me to boot from USB.

I opened device manager and found a partition that was around 977 mb (I dont remember exact size) However before I restarted my laptop I recorded windows vista in USB flash drive. At first time I restarted my laptop it ran chckdsk, which I cancellled. I exactly dont remember how did the issue occurred. So basically my laptop is now unbootable. I can only enter the bios and none of the settings I tried didnt solve the problem. I tried to take out the m.2 sata ssd but it still was stuck at boot menu. I can't even get into windows setup.

What should I do?:disrelieved::disrelieved::disrelieved: Plz help​