Question Lenovo Yoga Keyboard Issues

Oct 23, 2020
So the device in question is a Lenovo Yoga 710-15IKB. I7 with the NVidia 940mx, 16gb ram and 256 ssd. 15 inch touch screen convertible. Here is a link to the laptop however min is the 16g ram variant.
Before all this the first thing to go was my webcam. No incident, just one day stopped working. But it didn’t bother me much as I rarely used it. And next was blown speakers…
So around two years ago I spilled a very small amount of tea on the bottom middle of the keyboard. It was immediately powered off, flipped upside down and I quickly removed the battery and dried it thoroughly for a day or so. Upon startup, it all was well until I tried a few keys… The issues were- V, B, N, M, SPACE, and ENTER. When pushing V, it would type VB, and when pushing B it would do the same. I went the same with the N, and M keys. Space bar would trigger the enter key and vice versa. As I still needed to work, my go to fix was a USB keyboard and to just deal with it until I could get it fix or a better laptop. Before all this the first thing to go was my webcam. No incident, just one day stopped working. But it didn’t bother me much as I rarely used it.
A few months later I purchased a keyboard for the yoga online. I replaced the keyboard and inspected as I went along. It’s a full teardown of everything besides the screen to replace the keys. But alas, I couldn’t find any worrying signs as I tore it down and reassembled. And now it gets interesting… I booted it up for the first time with the new keyboard, opened word and notepad to test and sure enough, the same key issues!
So I was defeated, and frustrated. A friend suggested a bad MOBO, even if mine had no signs of damage. And something more… I must have disturbed the monitor or cable, because now it will randomly flicker as well as a small faint vertical line that comes and goes...
This would eventually lead to frustration and me breaking down and buying a new laptop. So the Lenovo yoga found a comfy place on the closet shelf for the next year or two.
So, about a month ago I was watching a YouTube, and found a cool video abo re-purposing old laptops into a home workstation. Out of curiosity, I pulled the Yoga from the shelf. To my surprise after booting up the keys seemed to function fine! I was stoked! Now I had my thin little Yoga back! It still had a screen flicker and occasional very faint vertical line, but it was back!
Now it was on! I was going to fix the Yoga and start using it. First thing was ordering speakers, a new web camera, and the touchscreen’s connecting wire in hopes of correcting the screen flicker. A few more YouTube tutorial videos later, and Bam! A working webcam and speakers! Sadly the new screen cable didn’t help the occasional flicker… but I could deal with it for now.
Then, strangely after a happy month of use the Yoga <Mod Edit> the bed again! The key problem was back!
Now I’m getting a little mad, a little frustrated, intrigued, and challenged! So I ordered a new MOBO and installed it yesterday. It all went well and I was super happy when it booted up and seemed to work fine! But upon some use I went to type a comma (,) and low and behold.., an M appears! I mean seriously what the actual <Mod Edit>
Does anyone out there have any ideas? I would really like to continue using the Yoga. It still has decent specks in this day and age. And after the games it’s played with me, I would really love to come out of this on top!
Help me please!!!!!
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