Question Lenovo Z70-80 laptop i7 5500U CPU replacement?

Sep 15, 2019
Hi all

Since yesterday I can't use NVIDIA GeForce 840M / Intel HD Graphics 5500 on my laptop.
First there were artifacts on screen and than the screen would go black, the only visible was the mouse pointer. Now it doesn't show anything, just black screen and bacground sound when I click on something. The only way I was able to "fix" the problem was to set the graphics from dedicated to UMA in BIOS and disable Intel HD 5500 driver from safe mode.

I presume that the nVidia chip is not working because without the graphic drivers enabled the laptop works.

Now I can't do anything more productive than surfing and using office. Before I decide to either send the laptop to a service center or sell it for parts I want to know if it possible to buy a new Intel i7 5500U CPU from somewhere and replace it as I would a desktop CPU or is the chip soldered to the motherboard?

Is there a third option I am not considering?

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice