Lg 22MP68VQ or Asus VP228H...which one will be a better choice

rahul srivastava

May 17, 2013
As my old monitor died i lookied for some mo itor under my budget and came to choose either one of them,

Basicly both are full hd at 75hz, while asus one got 1ms response time & the lg one got a pure ips panel....as im not that much into gaming no nd mostly do coding all the day, i orderd lg one as it is newer.

It is still under delivery process from amazon but suddenly my frnd made me realize that asus one is led whil lg one is lcd.....so im confused if i went wrong with my decision, in case i made the wrong choise i can still rlcamcle my order.... So i will be glad to get a quick response


They are both LCD monitors with LED backlights.

Marketing morons got a hold of the term LED and starting tossing it around. Which is confusing, now that OLED TVs, Phones, and a few Laptops, exist. Those are truly each pixel being an LED.

Much older LCD panels used Compact Fluorescent backlighting, or CFL.

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