Question LG 24GM79G jagged display

Aug 8, 2020
Hi, thanks for taking the time to read about my monitor issue.

Firstly let me preface this by saying I’m not what you’d call an adept within technology / PC related issues and specs, so you may need to simplify your fixes somewhat to make them understandable to the layman. Nothing too extreme, just some of the tech jargon.

Either ways, I’ve had the LG 24GM79G Gaming monitor for almost 2 ½ years. The issues began maybe some time in late spring / early summer 2020. The key issue I’m experiencing is a noticeably reduced quality and noticeable jaggedness. This is particularly visible when looking at text against a white background – such as titles of YouTube videos etc. Thumbnails for the videos also appear to be more jagged and less high resolution. I’ve also noticed reduced quality in games.

I didn’t think much of this issue before as , at first, it was able to be fixed by reconnecting the HDMI cable into the PC and this would solve the aforementioned reduction in quality. However this no longer seems to be working so I’m wondering if I’m overlooking a simple fix.

FYI – I know this is a monitor issue as opposed to GPU or any other hardware/cables as I’ve used the same HDMI connector & hooked my PC up to a TV monitor, with no drop in quality as is the case with the LG monitor.

For troubleshooting undertaken since: update monitor drivers, change cable used (DisplayPort had same issue), update GPU drivers (GeForce 1080 Ti), configure different monitor settings within it’s inbuilt menu: reducing black stabiliser to 0 from 50, disabling and enabling motion blur and freesync. To no avail.

Let me know if you’ve got any answers! Much appreciated.

Edit: After connecting the monitor to a different PC, I couldn't see the same noticeable drop in quality as I could with my main PC.
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