Question [LG 24MP400-b] Is a gap between the frame (bezel) and the screen at the bottom-center part of the monitor (above the LG logo) normal?


Mar 31, 2020
And here's a video of the issue:

We just bought a new IPS monitor LG 24MP400-b from some electronics store. I inspected it before purchase, however, I failed to notice this gap at the bottom-center of the screen (above the LG logo) because it's very hard to notice without shining a flashlight on it and looking at it at an angle. I also just focused on the display, looking for dead pixels and stuff, and I never really got the chance to inspect the entire thing physically at all angles.

The linked video was immediately shot on the same day of the purchase after I got home and got the monitor set up.

My opinion is that this is not normal and that we're entitled to a replacement within the store's "7-DAY OUTRIGHT REPLACEMENT PERIOD". We think we need a replacement because we're concerned that this might allow dust to build up inside the monitor hinge and cause problems in the future, ultimately reducing the life expectancy of the monitor. We spent quite a lot on this so we want it to last. However, I'm also asking around online since this might just be normal and I'm just overreacting.

Is this normal and should I just live with it or should we bring it back to the store for replacement? I've read somewhere that they don't really glue this nowadays, so maybe it's just a cosmetic flaw and not a design flaw?

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