Question LG 27GL83A-B vs 27GL850

Feb 14, 2020
Ok so I have done a LOAD of research on the right 1440p 1ms 144hz IPS monitor for my new setup. No matter where I looked the 27GL850 popped up. However I just could NOT find one to buy in the UK. I was planning on buying it from the French Amazon for £420, which was actually cheaper than anywhere in the UK anyway.

However, when I looked on Amazon today to see if they had any in stock, I saw a 'LIMITED TIME ONLY' deal on the 27GL83A-B. I looked into the monitor out of curiosity as its only £380 right now.

Turns out its basically the exact same monitor - a few USB slots, and it actually runs FASTER than the 850 at high refresh rates....check these links out for yourself

How did this panel go UN-noticed, am i missing something here? Either way, I ordered the 83A from amazon just in-case I miss the deal and now i've got time to let you guys tell me if I made the right choice or not because from what I can see, this is an absolute steal..