Question LG 29UM69G-B 21:9 - - - black screen when playing video ?

Feb 6, 2022
i bought an LG 29UM69G-B , amazing it. No problem at all with PS4 or working with pc or Amazon Stick HD, but with Amazon 4k or when I use my pc to play some video from browser, Netflix or dazn live sport, screen tourns black and i am not able to do anything. I can still hear the audio of the video, but black screen. Once it's turned black If i just switch the HDMI input or turn off the screen, nothing changes.

The only solution I have to restore the image is to reset the screen using the screen settings.
I replaced the screen using amazon support but same problem with the new one. I used different hdmi cable, some high quality cable for gaming, or connect amazon 4k stick directly to hdmi port of the screen but same problem.

Do you have anyidea?

this is a short video of the problem: