Question LG 34GN850-B vs Alienware AW3420DW for gaming

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I guess I can understand that man. Well, good luck to you either way. Hope it works out for the best, one way or the other, in the end.

You know, if you contact Amazon and explain that you were mislead on the warranty due to the sneaky nature of LG's posted warranty listing with nothing on either of those pages to indicate that it was a Hong Kong product warranty, and that you are extremely unhappy about it, you might be able to get it returned at no charge. And if that doesn't work, you might try emailing, which will put you in contact with the corporate liaison department where they have a lot more latitude in solving customer issues.


Jul 20, 2020
To update this, I just got a full refund from the Amazon seller. So if you're interested in the LG 34GN850 and are going to buy through Amazon, the seller called "Video & Audio Center- Same Day Shipping" will take care of you. It's nice to see a company that cares enough to makes people happy.

And to anyone interested in the Acer CG437K, lol make sure you have a big desk. It's not quite as good of a panel overall as the LG 34GN850, but I love it. Seems like I now have 2 LG 34 stacked on top of each other.