Question LG 34GP83A-B monitor has white alternating lines w/ troubleshooting

Apr 16, 2021
I have an LG 34GP83A-B with alternating white lines (shown below) - I purchased the like model 34gk950f (broken screen) since the parts inside the 83a-b where all stamped with the same part numbers. With the new parts I was able to rule out the main board, the board below that, and I believe the 3 of the boards connecting to the lcd with soldered on ribbon cables. The lines across only seems to come when the far left board is plugged in. I noticed that it's common for this issue to be due to a capacitor on the board but I'm not familiar with pcb or capacitor troubleshooting. If there is any help you can give it will be greatly appreciated.

I've swapped the boards across (except the bottom row) and they display without the lines.
I've swapped all detachable cables and they display without the lines also.

Monitor photos