LG Flatron or Sony Trinitron



Hi folks!

Im facing a hard decision as I want to buy a 17 inch monitor in the near future. I still have not decided between LG Flatron or SONY Trinitron.
I would choose between LG Flatron 795FT Plus and SONY Multiscan E200. Which do you consider better?
LG is flatter, no question about that, but I guess Sony has sharper colours. The lines, which you have earlier talked about in this forum, are of course a disadvantage of the Trinitron tube.
LG is a bit more expensive though.
Which would you prefer?? And why?
Can you help me?

Thanks a lot


Dec 31, 2007
They are both great monitors. Personally, I really like totally flat monitors... so I guess you can tell which one I would get. How much is the price premium of that LG?

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I had 2 Flatrons. Bought one in UK 1.5 years ago. Had to return it since the last 5cm on the right of the screen were completely out of focus. Replacement was ok. Or so I thought at a time... After doing a lot of work on my PC I noticed some problems:
1. Focus is only good in the middle of the screen.
2. Things have different width depending on where they are horizontally: 10 cm wide window becomes approx. 11cm if it is moved from the far right to the far left.
3.Recently monitor started to change the width of the whole display by about 1cm every 15 minutes for no apparent reason. Can be adjusted using controls but it returns back to the original shape after anothe 5 min. - have to change back.
4. Although it allowes 1154*... @100 Hz and 1280*... @85HZ, I do not recommend those resolutions as the focus is lost.
5.Sometimes I also get impression that the left side is flickering slightly but it is probably just the way my room is lit.

Only few good things about this monitor:
its flatness,
no lines and 1024x... @100Hz
3 year warranty.
I can't be bothered to return it now but will surely do it at the end of the 3 year period (may get a new replacement:)

Problems with the focus are suppose to be common in the monitors but they are not acceptable when as much money as for this LG is paid. I think that reviewers in major PC magazins also noticed them in this particular model but only recently. They were too impressed by the FLATNESS to notice anything 2 years ago.
My advice is to get Sony or Ilyama Vision Master 410. Both have 2 (3?) thin lines, but I am sure that lines are less noticable than screwed-up geometry and lack of focus.