[SOLVED] LG Gram 2021: clean install of Win 11 wiped all drivers. Looking for a factory image or extracted driver bundle (drivers on LG's site don't work)

Dec 16, 2021
I picked up a 2021 LG Gram 2021 a few days ago an immediately did a clean install. Audio drivers are missing as are Intel chipset and graphics drivers. No audio devices are shown in Device Manager and video performance is abysmal. This is a common problem for Gram users who have wiped their systems. All guides and suggestions I've seen for previous cases have not resolved mine.

I'm a Windows and Linux power user and work in IT so I know my way around computers. This isn't the case of me not knowing how to go to a website and install the drivers. LG's support is unbelievably poor. None of the software solutions (eg LG Update Center) do anything or show any updates available or detect any errors. Moreover, manually installing the drivers I did find for a similar model do nothing even though the command line shows they successfully installed. Trying to manually update the drivers through Device Manager and targeting a local file say "no drivers found". I'm absolutely stumped.

I've always tried a clean install of Win 10 hoping that might have better support, but it's actually worse. In addition to all of the issues above, the track pad is completely dead.

I'm pretty sure only another LG Gram user will know how to fix this issue. I've been on this for a few days now so I'm thinking the only option is to exchange this for another laptop.