Question LG Home Theater doesn't work properly

Sep 22, 2018
Hi everyone, i wonder if you could help me trying to repair my old (not too much) LG home theater.

First of all i wan't to apologise for my english level ( i'm from Spain) and i'll try my best.

Well, the model of the receiver is HT805SH. You can find it on google but i will post you an image.

- Home theater model

So, the main probem is that sometimes the reciever starts getting crazy. While is running fine suddenly changes to try read DVDs or turns off etc. Basically it does whatever it wants.

I thought try open it and if its possible, fix it. I know that the most reasonable option is buy a new one, but my intention is try to repair it.

I will post inside images of the electronics.

At home i have some electronic material like multimeter, oscilloscope, variable power supply, function generator and welder.

So i hope you guys could help me, giving some ideas, tips or your electronic knowledgement.

Thanx so much.