LG TV and AMD Mobility Radeon HD7850M via HDMI sleep problem


Jan 23, 2013
I've done a bit of searching but can't find a reasonable answer to this. Maybe some one can help me.

I have a Asrock Vision X 321B (using a AMD Mobility Radeon HD7850M) running as a HTPC, I'm very happy with it. I was connected to a Samsung 32" TV via VGA cable with no problems.

As my HTPC is capable of more I purchased a new 47" LG 47LM660S TV. All is good and it looks great and performs well. However, I am connecting to the two devices using a HDMI cable.

When my htpc turns off the display, the LG TV will just display "No signal" instead of going to sleep. Really annoying when I am listening to music.

Not really that much of a problem, but annoying... any ideas?


Isn't that the TV fault?
Don't know sounds like something that TV does when it has no signal, maybe you can change that on the TV menu, or ask LG.