Discussion LG Ultra Gear 144Hz 1MS 1080p monitor vs Acer Z35P 3440x1440


Sep 6, 2017
TLDR? Just giving my opinion on how I enjoy the 144hz as a secondary monitor, better than expected.

Hey guys

So, for about 2 years now I have been enjoying my ultrawide Gynsc monitor from Acer, its great for space games, movies that support 21:9 and pretty much any rts title known to man.

I also had my 10 year old HP monitor as a 2nd display.

The only down sides were odd stream resolutions and a handful of pvp games dont support 21:9

Not wanting to spend alot of money on a new monitor, since current 4k are all 60hz unless you want to spend a fair deal, and I have loved the 120hz my ultrawide puts out, I came across the

LG 24GN50W (also known as LG 24GL600F-B) Its only 1080p, but is 144hz TN. 1MS. AT first I was like TN? that is gonna suck, but for $160 I decided to try it, with full intentions of returning it in a week or less.

Granted, surfing the web sucks. But wow, the response time and the crisp movement of 144hz, and yes I can feel the difference from 120hz to 144hz.

I still use my Ultrawide for 90% of my pc needs, but since I was in the market for a secondary monitor and cheap and wanting to try a 144hz, this one ticks all the boxes.

So, for anybody looking

LG 24GL600F-B Who will like it and who wont.

PVP games-Buy it.

Secondary monitor for discord/twitch chat and pvp-buy iy

Movies, immersion, colors and everything else-avoid it.

I will still use my Ultra wide but this is my second TN panel, the first one I utterly hated for some reason, but this one, for the price, and wow the smoothness is undeniable. I am so happpy I decided to try 144hz. You CAN tell the difference from 120hz 5ms to 144hz 1ms

All in all, I would rate it a 7 out of 10. Worth the price and Ill end up keeping it.

This is more of a personal review, but there was no review tag available.