LGA 2011 or 1155


Oct 23, 2009
Which CPU socket should I be looking at LGA 1155 or LGA 2011. I have seen them both listed on sites like Newegg and I'm not sure which I should be looking at. I dont plan on doing any OC'ing, and I dont really play the more graphics intensive games. I'm not into games like BF3 and other shooters, I manly play MMORPG's, so I'm looking at the i5. I have already spec'd out an AMD setup ( I know Bulldozer is slow), now I'm looking to spec out an Intel one, to see which will give me the bigger bang for my buck, and fit within my budget. Just trying to narrow it down to the socket so I can make my selection on the MB and chip.



Jan 4, 2012
Actually the Phenom II x4 970 @ $120 and Phenom II x4 980 @ $150 are far better value "bang for buck" gaming CPUs currently than is the i5 2500K all prices quoted are from Newegg.com and current.

You clearly have never looked a benchmarks of these CPUs against each other, for the extra 70 dollars the 2500k is by far the best bang for you buck CPU and has been for quite some time now.