LGA 775 Motherboard for me


Sep 9, 2011
Hello guys, i wanna ask you to tell me very good mtherboard that supports lga775 socket ddr2 ocz 2x2gb memory crossfire for the graphics card and my PSU is also coolermaster extreme 500W. Sata and my gpraics card is ATI Radeon HD 6850 my CPU is Q6600 and i also want to overclock it but my P5Q-VM DO mobo i think isnt able to overclock it.

Im not currently crosfiring graphics card but i wan tto in future and i will also upgrade my PSU.

My budget is about £70 - £90

Thank you
My best advice is don't change motherboards for an old 775 cpu just to overclock it. It's not worth the cost; there aren't any good NEW boards left. If your board works, I wouldn't swap it out with a used board. Use it until you can save enough to upgrade the cpu/board/ram at the same time.
I had a Asus P5Q series motherboard and it was a great. I even blew that mobo once because I was trying to oc to 4ghz loll..the asus customer support didn't ask any questions and send me a replacement after I send them my blown mobo. It would let me oc my q6600 to 3.6ghz while my xfx 750i will let me oc only to 3.4ghz


if you can find a board with a P45 chipset (you have the Q45) from reliable source that is cheap (used) you'll find it better to overclock that q6600.

though i am actually surprised you can't raise the FSB from 1033 to 1333 to get a little something more.